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Finding the Perfect Flooring Solution is Made Easy with
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There are a wide variety of commercial flooring products available to you. When you first contact one of our Design Associates, you will begin by answering a series of questions to describe your flooring needs, including your preferred style, expected foot traffic, and budget. Based on your needs and desires, your Design Associate will share with you the latest flooring styles and technologies that can help you achieve all of your goals. This is your chance to ask all of your questions about each option in order to find the perfect solution for your business.


Based on your responses, your Design Associate will perform a custom assessment and will create a unique proposal for your flooring project. At this stage, the conversation continues, and you can keep working with your Design Associate until all of the details of your plan are perfect for your business. Our flooring experts are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings – as well as weekends – so you continue to work on your flooring project at times that are most convenient for you.

Our Showroom


Once you have approved the final plan, we will schedule installation for your earliest convenience. We are available for installation during normal business hours, as well as overnight, on weekends, and even on holidays, so you can easily find a time that does not disrupt your work.

At the scheduled time, a team of our highly skilled contractors will go to work to prepare your space with expert efficiency. Prior to the installation, we will also help you to move larger furniture safely out of the room and provide crates to easily transport and store smaller objects. In certain situations, we may also levitate the furniture to save you the cost of having your furniture completely dismantled. Whenever we are moving, dismantling, or rebuilding your property, you can rest assured that we exercise the utmost care. If necessary, we will also completely remove and dispose of your previous flooring.

The Finishing Touches

After installation is complete, our team will remove any old flooring materials and debris, and will then professionally clean your new floors. When we depart, you are ready to open your doors for employees and customers to enjoy your new flooring.

The Floor Coverings International Guarantee

We guarantee all of our commercial flooring installations. After the installation is complete, we will do a walk-through with the facilities manager to ensure that everything is perfect. Only once we get your approval is the job actually complete.

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