Top 4 Factors for Commercial Flooring in Vermont

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Floor selection is an essential task in the management of a building. The kind of floor that you choose will determine a great deal about your relationship with the building, including ease of maintenance, cost, and its impression on visitors.< Not all floors are the same, and you will want to select a flooring type that is compatible with the building’s function. The good news is that flooring has vastly improved over the past 50 years. Now when you install one, you know that it will last for much longer than its antecedent. When looking for commercial flooring in Vermont, you might consider the following factors:

  1. It’s all about Function. Clearly, considering the function of the building in relation to the flooring choice should be the first factor you consider when purchasing commercial flooring in Vermont. For example, a cafeteria would probably prefer a vinyl composite tile, while an office building holding events could prefer carpet or hardwood.
  1. Maintenance and Repair Flexibility. Floors take a lot of wear and tear as people walk on them day after day. You want a floor that will stand up to the kind of traffic you’ll be getting, and which can be repaired without too much difficulty when problems do crop up. For example, in carpeting one might notice wear in the middle section where most of the traffic occurs. If you have the carpet installed with inlaid components, you may be able to remove only this worn section, rather than replacing it in its entirety.
  1. What’s the Traffic Like? Speaking of wear and tear, you should consider the amount of people that will be walking throughout your building. In the case of airports and other high-volume areas, very hard surfaces such as terrazzo, marble, and even granite are assumed.
  1. Maintenance Cost. What will be the associated costs of each commercial flooring option? Different floors require different types of care. Carpeting can be relatively easy, needing only vacuuming on a regular basis. When there are spills, these need to be removed as soon as possible so that they do not stain the carpet. Stained concrete or epoxy-treated flooring are also simple to keep clean. If you need a floor that allows for easy and fast cleanup, you should be looking at harder flooring. Hard floors such as terrazzo and marble could require buffing and polishing. Don’t forget that over time, the amount needed to maintain floors could be higher than the initial installation cost.

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