Finding High Quality Commercial Carpet In Palmyra Just Got Easier With Cherry Hill FCI

HomeFinding High Quality Commercial Carpet In Palmyra Just Got Easier With Cherry Hill FCI

Are you needing a quick efficient team to replace your commercial carpet in Palmyra? Look no further because you’ve found us! At Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International we can provide you with an expansive selection of durable long-lasting commercial carpet.  We understand that time is of the essence so our entire team will do its best to provide your business with a quick installation.

Our team of flooring experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate commercial carpet for your business. In fact we can bring our selections to you with our commercial mobile showroom.

As a business owner we know your time is invaluable so we want to make the process as effortless as possible.



Here’s What We Do For You

As one of the leading commercial carpet in Palmyra providers our team will assess the aspects of your business, the durability you need, and factor in any design style you have in mind. We are happy to accommodate your budget while providing you with the highest quality commercial carpet within that budget.

When you meet with our design associate they will take the time to help you determine the best fabric that will fit your needs. There are some things to consider when choosing the right carpet for your business.

  • Fiber:  Nylon is one of the most durable commercial carpets that does well with high foot traffic, and can be easily cleaned.  If you’re looking for something slightly softer Olefin yarn is a inexpensive commercial carpet, but doesn’t do well with high foot traffic.
  • Color: Medium to dark-medium tones usually suit most businesses best. However take into consideration the color of soil in your surrounding area. This can help determine the color of carpeting you choose.
  • Pile : Cut pile and level loop are the 2 major styles in carpet pile. Level loops is best suited for high traffic areas while cut pile would perform better in an office setting.

For commerical carpet in Palmyra area call the experts at Cherry Hill FCI today!

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