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Best Options For Commercial Wood Floors Near Palmyra

Believe it or not, commercial flooring can make an impact on your business.  While we’re partial to commercial wood floors near Palmyra, we want to help you make the best decision for your business.  Before evaluating the pros and cons of various wood floors you should be begin by asking 4 important questions:

  1. Do you want to create an elegant ambiance to attract customers?
  2. Do you anticipate heavy foot traffic?
  3. What is the climate like and how well can you maintain moisture?
  4. What is your budget?

Once you have the answers, you can begin by examining these quality commercial wood floors near Palmyra.

Commercial hardwood flooring gives any business a timeless and classic look.  One distinct advantage of hardwood is the ability to create a fresh and modern decor or an elegant and traditional ambiance.  Hardwood is easy to clean and maintain and is available in various shades from light to deep and rich colors.  Hardwood is also incredibly durable, allowing for long-term usage before it needs to be revitalized once again.

Commercial engineered wood flooring is another beautiful choice and is available in just about any wood species.  Engineered wood has the added benefit of increased resistance to higher and lower levels of humidity. The average lifespan of engineered wood is 20-30 years and brands that are 2-6mm thick may be sanded and refinished again!

FCI Makes Choosing Commercial Wood Floors Near Palmyra Easy!

At FCI we know that installing new commercial wood floors near Palmyra is a big project, and that’s why we want to make the process simple and easy.  Our expert Design Associates help you choose the best flooring for your business with our commercial mobile showroom. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!


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