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Every commercial site has specific needs––in healthcare you want flooring that is safe, durable and water-resistant; reception areas need durable, stylish and comfortable flooring; warehouses need safe and comfortable flooring. Commercial Flooring Near Philadelphia can be challenging, but Floor Coverings International has the solution for all your flooring challenges.

Our user friendly guide will provide you with specific industry flooring challenges and solutions.

  • Healthcare facilities can present unique flooring challenges because the appropriate flooring for each area may differ from one another.  In some areas commercial luxury vinyl tile, (LVT) has become a popular flooring choice because of its durability, low maintenance care and prevents staining from medical chemicals.  Commercial vinyl tile is another practical choice for hospitals because of its built-in antimicrobial barrier which controls bacteria.  Commercial rubber flooring has been proven beneficial because it reduces patient slips and falls, its seamless installation meets strict hygiene requirements, and controls noise volume. All of these flooring options are available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Tenant improvement or tenant fit outs have a vast array of options. Commercial flooring options range from LVT, vinyl tile, rubber flooring, laminate, carpet, hardwood or tile. Tenant improvement projects typically require answers to these questions: is there extensive foot traffic? Do you need flooring that can reduce noise? Are comfort, style, and durability important? Does your commercial space get frequent exposure to sun, moisture, or drastic changes in temperature?
    1. Commercial carpet flooring provides a number of benefits because it adds warmth, is comfortable to walk on, reduces noise, cushions slips and falls, and is long lasting.  
    2. Commercial laminate flooring is a good option if you want the look of hardwood without the cost.  The protective layer on laminate flooring keeps stains and smudges away, and it’s naturally mold and bacteria resistant.
    3. Commercial hardwood is a great long term investment because it increase the value of the property.  Healthy indoor quality, gorgeous and upscale look, strength and durability are all reasons to consider commercial hardwood flooring.
  • Hospitality industries, like the healthcare industries, may require different flooring for specific areas. Here are our top 3 recommended flooring options for hospitality:
    1. Commercial stone flooring not only beautifies every room, but its resilience to heavy foot traffic, low maintenance care, non-slip surface, make it a popular choice for hotels, commercial kitchens, and offices.  
    2. Commercial luxury vinyl has the look and feel of hardwood yet it’s cost effective. LVT is also water resistant, slip resistant, scratch and dent resistant, easy to maintain and comes in a vast array of colors and styles to enhance the look of any commercial space.
    3. Commercial carpeting is composed of sturdy synthetic fibers which are stain resistant, low maintenance, conserve energy and come in a variety of colors, textures and styles to match every environment.

Whether you’re replacing or renovating your commercial flooring near Philadelphia, Floor Coverings International has you covered.  When you schedule a free consultation, our expert Design Associate will meet you at your site with our complete commercial mobile showroom, and our professional flooring installation team will work efficiently to ensure the flooring looks great.  If you’re interested in learning more go to or call us to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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