The Best Way to Find Commercial Flooring in Glassboro

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There are many ways to find flooring for your business, but fumbling around big box stores is not one of them. Your business needs an upgrade on flooring, but you’re worried about teaming up with the wrong flooring consultants, and don’t feel like fending for yourself in a warehouse style store while trying to find commercial flooring in Glassboro.


At Floor Coverings International, we want to change that for you! We are here to give you an easy, personal, customized approach to your commercial flooring needs. From consultation to installation, FCI is your best bet for flooring that you’ll love and that meets your business’s needs, budget, and timeline.

The Personalized Touch for your Glassboro Commercial Flooring

There are many reasons that businesses put off choosing their new flooring, and those might include fearing committing to something too early, or not knowing what to expect from their flooring consultants. This is where Floor Coverings International can help!

  • On-Site Consultation – We come to you! Our on-site consultation means that we can meet you wherever you are, and a specialized design associate will come to your facility, assess your style, needs, and budget. They will use our “Mobile Showroom” to show you our great top-notch designs and high quality products!
  • Custom Project – We see each client as a custom project. From product choice to scheduling a timeline and matching your budget, we find you the best option for your commercial flooring in Glassboro.
  • FAQs – We are here to answer your questions! We will walk you through the process and also answer any questions you have about further care of the flooring. We don’t just want to install your floors, but we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

So don’t wait any longer. Don’t waste any more time at box stores on your search for the perfect commercial flooring in Glassboro. Contact us today to set up your free on-site consultation online or call us at 888-912-7353!

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