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Learning About the Different Material Types for Commercial Carpet Near Vermont


commercial carpet near vermontOne of the greatest benefits to installing a commercial carpet near Vermont is the type of comfort that carpeting can provide. The comforts of carpeting expand beyond the look and feel of each material – it can provide a sense of relief knowing that the certain types of materials available make it easier to install and maintain in different commercial settings. Take a look at a few of the material examples to see which ones best fit your needs.


3 Types of Commercial Carpeting Material

  1. Polyester Fiber

Commercial carpet near Vermont can be made with a polyester fiber material, which is the option most associated with an office setting. One of the most influential factors in choosing this type of carpeting is that it features a strong stain-resistance, often treated with Scotchgard to help the material continue to look like new for the years to come. Its weakness can be found in wear resistance, so any location that features constant foot traffic may see a decline in carpet health over the years.This means locations in the retail industry may want to steer clear of this type, while small office locations would do well to consider it.

  1. Nylon Fiber

Where polyester fails in its wear-resistant abilities, nylon fiber picks up the slack. Nylon is a great addition to any building that sees a large stream of traffic on a daily basis, so an application like a lobby or a staircase may find this to be the best option available for their budget. It naturally resists crushing and matting, which can happen to a lesser carpet that’s more designed for a residential use. However, keep in mind that nylon is far from stain resistant, so you may find yourself cleaning up after the tracked-in dirt, food particles, and liquids that feature any sort of coloring.

  1. Wool Fiber

Wool fiber is often considered the “top-of-the-line” commercial carpeting near Vermont, as it covers the many benefits provided by both nylon and polyester. By combining the stain-resistant materials protected by Scotchgard, and the wear-resistant fibrous material that allows for heavy traffic without fear of early fraying, wool fiber marries the two concepts and creates a fix-all solution for any commercial setting. That being said, wool fiber is a more expensive material, due to it being the only natural carpet fiber currently in circulation. You do, however, get exactly what you pay for – a great, long-lasting material that instills comfort and luxury!

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