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Spilled Milk – How Commercial Carpet in Vermont Can Be Awful for Your Restaurant

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What you want to say about your business is entirely contingent on the way you design your storefront, and this is absolutely applicable in the restaurant industry. If you’re thinking about fitting your eatery with commercial carpet in Vermont, think again. That decision should be made with all of the facts in mind. Here are some important flooring factors to consider when it comes to making the perfect restaurant setting.

Why Restaurants Should Avoid Commercial Carpet

  1. Not Ideal for Heavy Foot Traffic

Commercial carpet in Vermont and many other areas has always struggled when it comes to heavy foot traffic. Even if the carpeting is designed to handle more of the general public, it can be more than twice as weak as other common options like vinyl. After a couple of years, you’ll notice the wear and tear caused by feet entering and exiting. It might not be worth the cost-saving benefits of carpeting if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

  1. Easily Stains

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to carpeting is how easily it gets stained whenever there’s a spillage of food or drink. And in a restaurant setting, this is entirely unavoidable. All it takes is one slip of the waitstaff and a crashed platter of plates, and you’ll be scrubbing spots all night without getting all of it out. And if you serve wine or chocolate, forget the idea of getting rid of any of those stains!

  1. Arduous Cleaning Process

Outside of having foods that stain, Vermont commercial carpeting is a nightmare when it comes to the end-of-the-night clean-up. Carpeting always needs to be vacuumed at the end of each day, otherwise, any spilled food or dirt tracked in could affect the look and feel of your flooring for the years to come. This can be a massive struggle if your restaurant lacks the outlets needed to perform such a task. It also becomes an issue when it’s time to perform a full steam cleaning of your restaurant, which would have to happen on a nearly monthly basis to help keep up with the amount of tracking and dropped food.

Get rid of the headaches caused by commercial carpet in Vermont by giving us a call! We would love to go over some of our best options for your dining venue, like porcelain tile and hardwood.

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