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When designing or renovating a commercial space, flooring decisions can be a particularly daunting task.  You need a team of professional experts to help you sift through the options for the floors that will suit your space the best.  Cherry Hill FCI is a trusted, locally-owned provider of the best residential and commercial carpet in Philadelphia, with the finest team to ensure your successful planning and installation. Here are the answers to some preliminary FAQs about commercial carpet:commercial carpet in Philadelphia

Why Choose Carpet for My Commercial Space?
Carpet is a versatile and welcoming floor option, popular in many commercial spaces for its:

  • Wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns available
  • Comfortable, welcoming, and warm textures
  • Sound-absorption qualities, especially when installed with proper pads
  • Stain protection features and easy vacuuming for pet owners/visitors
  • Low to medium periodic maintenance

What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Carpet in Philadelphia?

Residential flooring tends to be manufactured around comfort and style trends, so it offers primarily plush, relaxing options with thicker padding floor lounging and play.

Commercial carpet, on the other hand, centers around durability and economy.  Commercial carpet in Philadelphia is designed and tested to be a great investment that will hold up well over time. It tends to be less expensive and highly durable while requiring less maintenance, making it a better fit for high traffic and large spaces.

How Long Will My Commercial Carpet Last?

The typical lifespan of a commercial carpet can be anywhere from three to ten years, depending upon its fiber construction and density, color dye, and installation.  As with all flooring, the better care it receives, the longer it will last.  Simple precautions such as routine maintenance, stain treatment options, and furniture pads can help extend the life of your investment.

How Do I Decide Between All of the Commercial Carpet Choices?

Carpet comes in a spectacular array of colors, styles, textures, and patterns to bring out the personality of almost any room. To help you determine your space’s perfect match, Cherry Hill FCI provides our expert Design Associates, who help you review the best carpet options for your desired style and budget.

Carpet technologies and options are always changing, and Cherry Hill FCI’s direct relationships with the largest carpet manufacturers enable us to bring you the latest styles and features at the best prices. We combine national buying power with personalized, detailed service to understand your needs and give you a multitude of carpet options, all at an exceptional value.

To get started on your commercial carpet in Philadelphia project, contact Cherry Hill FCI at 856-616-9566 for.

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