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Why Your Business Needs Eco-Friendly Flooring
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial flooring November 9, 2018

Eco-Friendly Flooring Can Elevate Your Business. Find Out How. “Eco-friendly” is a buzzword we often see in the media today. But environmental sustainability is more than a trending catchphrase; it can have a real impact on your business. That’s where we come in. At Floor Coverings International, we’re committed to …

Sustainable Commercial Flooring: Making Your Business Eco-Friendly
By Floor Coverings International blog, carpet, commercial flooring October 5, 2018

Discover the Top Three Types of Sustainable Flooring for Your Business Do you care about the environment? Because your customers probably do.   Consumers cite environmental sustainability as one of the most important factors they consider when deciding where to make their purchases. Sustainable commercial flooring is a great way …

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