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The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Wood Flooring Maintenance
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, wood April 16, 2018

Use these tips to ensure you are giving your wood floor the very best care. Whether you are looking to buy wood flooring or already enjoy wood flooring products in your home or business, it is important to know how to care for your floor. Floor Coverings International offers the …

Discover the Innovative Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring
By Floor Coverings International blog, commercial, wood March 24, 2018

Want Competitively Priced Hardwood? Learn About Engineered Wood Floors! If you’re looking for hardwood flooring, you may have discovered that the number of options can be overwhelming. Between factory finished, unfinished, solid, strip, plank, and more, it can be difficult to know which is the best choice. Many customers want …

The Three Most Common Myths About Commercial Hardwood Flooring
By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, wood February 9, 2018

Need Flooring for your Business? Learn the Facts About Hardwood Flooring! The many advantages of commercial hardwood flooring have made it an industry standard for commercial businesses. Floor Coverings International offers popular high-quality hardwood flooring that is stylish, versatile, and timeless. Despite the positive impacts hardwood flooring continues to have …

By Floor Coverings International commercial flooring, wood October 5, 2017

What comes to mind when you think of replacing the commercial wood floors in the buildings you manage? You might think of the time it will take to shop for the best replacement, compare services and commercial wood flooring prices, or locate trustworthy contractors who can work quickly and efficiently. …

Commercial Wood Floors Near Palmyra
By Floor Coverings International commercial, commercial flooring, Flooring, wood March 15, 2017

In most cases mother truly knows best – even if it’s not yours. Many of us, at one time or another have embraced the advice and suggestion of one maternal figure or another. For, example, imagine that Carol Brady, Debra Barone or Claire Dunphy told you the best way to …

How Your Source For Commercial Wood Floors Can Change Your Business
By Floor Coverings International residential, wood February 11, 2017

Your source for commercial flooring has more of an impact on your business than you realize

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