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Six Maintenance Myths About Hardwood Commercial Floor Maintenance


Protect Your Floor and Debunk These Maintenance Myths of Hardwood Flooring

There are a lot of great tips out there on how to maintain commercial hardwood floors and get the most out of your investment. But at Floor Coverings International, we’ve also seen a lot of myths on how to maintain hardwood floors. At best, these myths will lead to ineffective cleaning; at worst, they can cause permanent damage to your hardwood floor. Debunk the myths and learn the truth about hardwood commercial floor maintenance so you can ensure your floor stays beautiful for years to come.


Myth #1: Hardwood Floors are Difficult to Maintain


Many people are under the impression that hardwood flooring maintenance is a labor intensive and time consuming process that requires expertise and special equipment.


The Truth:


Hardwood flooring today is very durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and wear and tear, making your job of maintaining it much easier. And according to the World Floor Covering Association, sweeping or dust mopping is typically all you need to do for daily maintenance.


Myth #2: Wet Mopping is a Good Way to Clean Hardwood Floors


Mops are often cited as a must-have product for floor cleaning and maintenance. Companies will try to sell wet mops by advertising them as a great way to keep your hardwood floors clean.


The Truth:


Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid exposing your hardwood floor to water, including water from wet mops. Excessive water exposure can lead to warping as well as mold and mildew growth. Wet mopping opens the door to these issues, so opt for sweeping or a dust mop instead.


Myth #3: Steam Cleaning is the Best Method for a Thorough Cleaning of Hardwood


T.V. shows will depict homeowners and business owners using steam cleaners to clean their hardwood floors. Infomercials will even advertise them as the perfect hardwood floor cleaning machine.


The Truth:


If you own a hardwood floor, avoid using steam cleaners. These machines can easily dull the finish of your hardwood floor, reducing its aesthetic and monetary value. Steam cleaners can even damage your floor with excessive moisture exposure. The moisture causes the wood to expand, leading to cracking and splintering.  


Myth #4: Any Vacuum Can Be Used on a Hardwood Floor


Vacuuming is recommended for weekly cleaning of hardwood floors, and many customers believe any vacuum will work fine with their floor.


The Truth:


When you choose a vacuum for your hardwood floors, make sure you pick one without a beater bar. These vacuums can scratch your floor, causing permanent damage. If you already have a vacuum you want to use, you can purchase a hardwood flooring attachment to make it safe for cleaning and maintenance. If you’re not sure which vacuum to get, check out this list of approved vacuums for hardwood floors.


Myth #5: Vinyl or Tile Cleaning Products are Okay to Use on Hardwood Floors


Commercial floor cleaners meant for commercial floor tile or vinyl floors are effective cleaning agents, and people sometimes assume they are also safe for commercial hardwood floors.  


The Truth:


These cleaning agents and other self-polishing acrylic waxes are not suitable for hardwood floors. Not only are they ineffective for cleaning wood surfaces, they also quickly dull the finish of your hardwood floor. These commercial floor cleaners will also make a hardwood floor slippery, increasing the chance of a fall or injury.


Myth #6: More Wax is Better for Hardwood Floors


Waxing is a great way to return a hardwood floor to its original shine and luster, and many mistakenly believe more floor wax is always better for a hardwood floor.


The Truth:


It’s possible to over-wax a hardwood floor, leading to unwanted floor wax buildup. The National Wood Flooring Association recommends waxing a hardwood floor once or twice each year. It also recommends only waxing under furniture every other waxing session. You should never apply floor wax to hardwood floor with a urethane finish.

Now that you know the most common maintenance myths of hardwood commercial floor maintenance, you can make sure your hardwood floor lasts for years to come. For more maintenance tips or to schedule a free consultation, contact Floor Coverings International  today!

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