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The Top 8 Questions About Plastic Laminate Flooring

Considering Plastic Laminate Flooring? We’ll Answer Your Top Questions

Any businesses that has looked for commercial flooring knows there are a lot of options on the market. One option that often comes up is plastic laminate flooring. Floor Coverings International offers the highest-quality laminate flooring in a continually growing market; due to growing popularity, laminate flooring is expected to reach an incredible 1.6 billion square meters in the global market by 2020. As plastic laminate flooring continues to grow in the commercial flooring space, it is important to know the answers to some of the most common questions about this flooring.

Top 8 Questions about Commercial Plastic Laminate Flooring

  • plastic laminate flooringWhat is plastic laminate flooring?
    According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, plastic laminate flooring is a synthetic, multi-layer flooring that uses photographic imaging technology to reproduce the look of a wide range of floors. Laminate floors can emulate the appearance of a variety of flooring types, including mahogany, walnut, hickory, maple, chestnut, ash, pine, and every variety of oak. Its flexibility and versatility means it can be made to fit in virtually any commercial space.
  • What is plastic laminate flooring made of?
    Most plastic laminate floors have a protective layer made out of clear plastic that is laid on top of a dense fiberboard made of several layers. These fiberboard layers comprise the inner core of the floor. The high-resolution photographic layer, which simulates the desired flooring style, lies underneath the protective layer and on top of the inner core.
  • What’s the difference between plastic laminate and hardwood?
    While you can achieve a similar look with either plastic laminate or hardwood flooring, plastic laminate flooring offers greater flexibility for businesses. Unlike hardwood floors, plastic laminate can be installed on top of existing floors, giving customers more flexibility when it comes to installation. Installation is also easier with laminate flooring because it does not require any expensive equipment or extensive training, while hardwood flooring requires both.
  • How expensive is plastic laminate flooring?
    For price-conscious commercial businesses, plastic laminate flooring is a great option. Plastic laminate floors are one of the most competitively-priced floors on the market, and they deliver a great value for the cost. This is partly because traditional hardwood floors use a large amount of wood, while plastic laminate floors do not. This keeps the laminate flooring cost down without compromising on quality.
  • How durable is plastic laminate flooring?
    Commercial laminate flooring is highly durable, making it an ideal choice for businesses. The best laminate flooring is resistant to both scratches and sunlight discoloration, adding to its overall durability. Floor Coverings International guarantees long-lasting, high-quality plastic laminate flooring as part of its commitment to quality products and top-rate service.
  • Can plastic laminate flooring be installed on steps?
    If your business has steps or stairs, don’t worry: plastic laminate flooring can be installed on steps. The installation process does involve a few different steps; for instance, regular wood glue should be used and moldings and transitions should be nailed down. Floor Coverings International employs experts who are trained to install any flooring type in any situation, including stairs and steps.
  • How do I clean and maintain plastic laminate flooring?
    To make sure your plastic laminate floor stays in good condition, it is important to wipe up any spills to avoid warping. Products that promote shine should also be avoided, as they leave behind an undesirable, waxy residue. Traditional wet mops should also be avoided. Instead, use a broom, soft-brush vacuum attachment, or lightly damp mop to keep your plastic laminate floor clean.
  • How environmentally-friendly is plastic laminate flooring?
    For environmentally conscious businesses, plastic laminate flooring is a good option for commercial flooring. Consumer Reports is among many who rate this flooring type as an environmentally-friendly choice. This is because the materials used in plastic laminate flooring are recycled, making it a more eco-friendly choice than some of its competitors.

The facts about plastic laminate flooring make it a great choice for any commercial flooring. Floor Coverings International has extensive expertise in commercial laminate flooring, and we continue to provide our services in this area as plastic laminate flooring grows in popularity. For more information about your options or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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