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Levitation: The Key To Replacing Commercial Wood Floors

What comes to mind when you think of replacing the commercial wood floors in the buildings you manage?

You might think of the time it will take to shop for the best replacement, compare services and commercial wood flooring prices, or locate trustworthy contractors who can work quickly and efficiently. You might dread the long turn-over time, as the flooring is replaced and business grinds to a standstill. You might worry about damages to existing structures or furniture. These are the legitimate concerns we hear from managers who have replaced commercial laminate wood flooring in the past.

So what if the answer to these concerns is… magic.


Yes, we said it. The key to replacing commercial wood floors quickly, efficiently, without property damages and with minimal lost time is levitation.

The Advantages Of Using Levitation to Replace Commercial Wood Floors

commercial wood floorsWhat does levitation have to do with flooring? Much more than you might think! Levitation is a unique approach to replacing flooring which allows contractors to quickly and gently lift furniture so that flooring can be installed with skill and precision. When your flooring company uses furniture levitation…

  • You won’t lose time to contractors

A traditional refit often requires the services of numerous teams of different contractors. However, with furniture levitation, the whole job is handled by a single professional team, providing a reliable and totally coordinated approach.

  • You won’t lose furniture to damage

The furniture levitation mechanism enables the installation team to lift your furniture in one smooth and safe motion, ensuring that furniture will not be damaged due to mishandling.

  • You won’t lose profits due to staff disruption

Workstations are kept completely intact and simply lifted. No need to empty desks or cabinets. Staff will not have to worry about completely rearranging their papers, computers, telephones or other important items.


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