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Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Use Commercial Laminate Flooring

Understanding How Flooring Affects Healthcare Is Important

If you are responsible for a healthcare facility, whether you are the owner, operator, or a facilities manager, you care about safety. After all, people come to you for healing, and they want to feel safe. Providing safety for your customers isn’t just required of you, it’s the right thing to do.


Commericial Laminate flooringHaving the right facility makes keeping them safe a lot easier. If your facility is a hundred years old and falling apart, it’s going to be a lot tougher to keep people safe than if you were in a brand new, state of the art healthcare facility. The construction of your facility goes a long way towards safety as well. That’s obvious when you think about things like fire exits, ventilation, and building code— but what about flooring?


Flooring can have a much larger impact on the safety of your healthcare facility than you might like to think. For example, though it’s not always an obvious choice, certain applications of commercial laminate flooring can help you keep your facility clean, in good repair, and free of harmful pathogens. Here at Floor Coverings International, we can help you find a commercial laminate flooring option that works for your facility and helps keep your patients safe.

How Commercial Laminate Flooring Keeps Your Patients Safe

Obviously, commercial laminate flooring isn’t appropriate for the entirety of a healthcare facility. You have requirements about what each space needs to be able to do, and commercial laminate flooring won’t be appropriate for every situation (and it certainly isn’t the only option). However, it could be more useful than you might think for many applications in your facility.

Consider how commercial laminate flooring distinguishes itself from other types of available commercial flooring options:

  • Easy to clean: The great distinguishing feature of laminate flooring options is their great durability. Not only do they hold up to a lot of wear, which is needed in a high-traffic facility, but they also stand up to chemical wear. If you need to thoroughly clean a space and scrub the floors, a sturdy commercial laminate flooring option will stand up to a lot of deep-cleaning that other materials will not.
  • Easy to maintain: The great durability of commercial laminate floors also extends to physical damage. If you have a high-traffic facility, even the hardest surfaces will eventually show wear. Laminate floors will hang in there with the sturdiest floors for a long time, and unlike more permanent flooring types like tile or concrete, is quite easy to repair or replace when it does get damaged.
  • Easy to keep dry: The buildup of dangerous microorganisms can be hazardous to the health of your patients. Most of these nasty critters thrive in wet environments. Luckily, Floor Coverings International can help you find a waterproof laminate flooring option that will heavily resist intrusion by water, robbing harmful microorganisms of a place to live. This is a direct way that choosing the right flooring can help keep your facility safe, and it shouldn’t be overlooked!

If you are interested in learning more about how Floor Coverings International can help make your facility healthier, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us for a free estimate or to learn more about commercial laminate flooring options that might be appropriate for your healthcare facility.

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