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Questions To Ask During Your Flooring Consultation

It’s always best to entering a flooring consultation with some questions in mind for your project. Here are a few examples you may want to consider!

Preparing your home or your business with new flooring can seem like a long, stressful process, but with the help of a professional flooring consultation, it can be surprisingly painless! This is especially the case when you decide to work with a company that has a proven track record of flooring success, and can answer any questions you may already have. Here are a few examples you may way to consider asking for your new flooring, to help make sure you have all the right knowledge to make an informed decision!

5 Important Flooring Consultation Questions

  1. How Long Do You Anticipate The Project Taking?
  2. flooring consultationThe timing of the project can vary by the scope of what you need and the type of material. Carpeting may take a full day if it’s a single room, but hardwood can take longer. During your flooring consultation, make sure that you get an approximate estimation of how long it will take, as this can affect your day-to-day life with a potential trip to a nearby hotel!

  3. What Is The Most Common Flooring For My Needs?
  4. Just like how the timing can be contingent on the project, so does the type of material. Not all flooring types are made the same, as some can be more preferable in rooms that demand dryer climates while others can be more flexible. The most common type of flooring for a bathroom, for example, is porcelain tile, for its ability to handle the moisture. See what options others have chosen.

  5. How Have You Handled Complications On The Job?
  6. Not every job is as easy as getting down to the foundation. There are rooms with funky angles, stairs, even crawl spaces! But even after taking into account these factors on an initial flooring consultation, how does each specific flooring company handle complications that may occur while in the middle of an installation? This may affect the timing estimate or cost. It’s worth it to ask.

  7. Do You Have Any Images of Previous Work?
  8. Every respectable flooring company should have a working gallery of their most recent work, so you can accurately decide if they’re the right fit for you. Have the flooring consultants bring some examples with them, or help you navigate their website to access their precious successes.

  9. Do You Provide A Warranty?

Mistakes happen. Whether they’re man-made or nature-made, it’s valuable to know what the warranty policy is with each company. It’s also important to know exactly what the warranty covers, as well as what it doesn’t. Get a detailed description of how the warranty policy is laid out, so you can stay informed if anything were to ever go wrong.

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