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Cut & Loop – Choosing Commercial Carpet Based on Carpeting Types

When it comes to choosing commercial carpet, the choice falls between cut carpeting and loop carpeting. But how are they different?

commercial carpetWhen you think of the different types of commercial carpet available on the market, what’s usually the first things to come to mind? The answer is, likely, the color of the material, if it has any designs or specific styles, and the level of comfort that it can provide. But there’s some importance behind the style of how the carpeting is made that ultimately leads to the most effective carpet, and that falls between two competing “pile” types – cut and loop. To discern between the two, here are the benefits and downfalls of both types.


The Different Styles of Commercial Carpet


Cut Pile

The cut pile of carpeting takes durability into account as the primary concern, which makes for a long-lasting commercial carpet for any application. By considering the type of fiber used, the level of density held within the tufts, and how the yarn gets twisted, the result leads to a carpeting finish that is more resistant to tearing, fraying, and other damage that happens over time due to traffic.


To find the type of carpeting that’s perfect for a high-traffic area, you’ll want to stick with a style that has shorter fibers. Consider a plush or cable type of carpet, as these are the ones more likely to handle scenarios like retail locations where the traffic is nonstop. On the other hand, if traffic is a lesser concern for an office-type environment, a Saxony type of carpet would allow for both comfort and style to take the reigns. While Saxony carpeting is advised for low-traffic areas, it can still handle the day-to-day situations in most commercial settings.


Loop Pile

A loop pile does not cut or hide the loops of yarn to create the carpeting material. If you look closely, you’ll notice just how evident the looping is. This type of commercial carpeting can be great in any setting, especially if the look of the carpeting matters less than the effectiveness of the construction.


You have a few different options when it comes to the loop pile, including level loop and patterned multi-level loop. Level loop fibers are shorter and compacted to create a strong, durable result, while a patterned, multi-level loop creates a more stylistic and textured effect by incorporating varying lengths of the fibers. Both of these are great options for any type of commercial business!


Buying carpeting can be made much easier if you know your options. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your commercial carpet options, we’re here to help!


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