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Why You Need To Replace Your Restaurant Flooring

How new flooring can make your restaurant more successful.

restaurant flooringAs someone who helps operate a restaurant, you’re well acquainted with the depreciation of value over time. The longer food sits out, the less valuable it becomes. The longer customers wait, the less likely they will be to give their business to your restaurant. These are obvious examples of depreciating value that drives restaurants to innovate and adapt. But there’s also something else that depreciates over time: your restaurant flooring.

While floors are easy to overlook when there’s so much going on above them, they play a vital role in the success and value of your business. This can be hard to remember since they don’t garner that much attention. After all, the main complaints you receive are not about the flooring. So why is your restaurant’s flooring so important? Why does it need to be replaced?

The Importance of Replacing Restaurant Flooring

  • Spills: You’re in the food business, so you’re well acquainted with spills. Spills come in a wide variety of forms: they can be as benign as a few crumbs dropped on the floor and as disastrous as dropping an entire tray of food and drinks. While these spills are promptly and diligently cleaned up, they have a long-lasting effect on your flooring. The persistence of spills, and the cleaning that they require add to the wear and tear of your flooring. This wear and tear will eventually become visible and more directly affect your restaurant’s operations.
  • Movement: There’s a lot of movement that occurs in your restaurant on a daily basis. Servers walk the length of the building countless times, customers walk to and from their tables, furniture is rearranged, supplies are delivered, and so on. Needless to say, your floors take quite a beating. Every time a person scoots a chair out, or a server power walks to bring food to a table, your floor sustains injuries. These little injuries are not devastating, especially since your floors should be designed to withstand a lot of activity. But all of these injuries build up over time, causing your flooring to gradually but consistently lose its luster.
  • Elements: The elements constantly make their way into your restaurant and onto your floor. If it’s raining outside, your floor is going to get wet. If it’s snowing, then your floor will be introduced to all kinds of snow and salt. No matter how much you prepare and clean up, the weather will take its toll on your flooring. Your floor coverings will continue to experience erosion as they are repeatedly introduced to elements.

As time goes on, your restaurant flooring will experience a lot of wear and tear. The more wear and tear it experiences, the worse it looks and the more difficult it is to walk on. Floors become uneven and unsightly as time goes on. If you’ve noticed multiple signs of this wear and tear, then it’s time to look at new flooring options.

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