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Finding the Best Flooring Options for Your Commercial Business

See how the best flooring options for your commercial business can make an impact on visitor satisfaction!

Setting the tone and feeling for your commercial business can hinge on the layout and design of your building. Whether you’re opting for specific colors, motifs, or general styles, having access to the best flooring options can make it much easier to convey your brand’s message. Here are a few examples of which types of flooring materials may serve best within your specific industry!


The Best Flooring Options For Your Business


Hotel & Lodging
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Managing a hotel or other lodging establishment is always tricky. Depending on the number of floors, the number of rooms, and the average number of guests during each season, it’s not always easy to stay on top of costs. One of the best flooring options for this purpose is carpeting, as it is an inexpensive alternative to the other available options. Carpeting is great for a hotel room, as it provides comfort for barefoot walking, and helps to deaden sound between the rooms. As for the lobby, a luxurious vinyl floor can help create the mood of upper-class opulence.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing among the commercial flooring options for a restaurant or an eatery. Because the business is centered around food, there runs the risk of accidental spillages caused by waitstaff and patrons alike. Unfortunately, that’s an unavoidable pitfall in this industry – gravity is food’s worst nightmare. This is why you should opt for a vinyl-based flooring setup, instead of a fibrous one like carpet. The tougher materials make it easier to clean and maintain and leaves no chance of creating an unsightly stain.


Retail Store

A retail business with a storefront demands the best flooring options to maintain an image presented to its customers. That being said, each type of retail business is different. Where a video game store may benefit from high-traffic carpeting (for the purposes of comfort), a department store could easily aim their sights on mixing between carpet and linoleum due to the need for moving products quickly between departments. Not to mention that the higher-end retail shops (or themed stores such as those that dabble in outdoor sports) may want to consider hardwood flooring for the pleasant aesthetics that come with it.

Know your industry, and what your business needs. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to work with you and your business on finding the floors of your dreams!


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