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Commercial Wood Floors Near Palmyra

commercial wood floorsIn most cases mother truly knows best – even if it’s not yours. Many of us, at one time or another have embraced the advice and suggestion of one maternal figure or another. For, example, imagine that Carol Brady, Debra Barone or Claire Dunphy told you the best way to impress your clients, is to install beautiful, allergy-friendly and low maintenance commercial wood flooring?


To appease all moms (real and fictional) and retain the full value of ROI in aesthetics  and functionality toward your business environment, consider commercial wood floors near Palmyra as your next investment.


Why Specifically Seek Commercial Wood Floors Near Palmyra?


Even without the sage advice of an elder, perhaps you’ve considered installing commercial wood floors, but aren’t sure where to begin. If your business happens to reside in or near Palmyra, there is a commercial flooring company that serves the Tri-State Area in providing durable, attractive and lasting floor material at an affordable cost.


Think of Floor Coverings International as the mother of commercial flooring – here to answer every question you might have concerning the best options for your commercial space – and of course, available to offer sound and helpful suggestions … such as five reasons you might want to consider hardwood floors:


  1. They are timeless and beautiful
  2. Again, hardwood flooring offers a lasting ROI and added value to your space
  3. Hardwood floors can leverage the flexibility in design and decor of your business
  4. They are allergen, dust and pollen resistant
  5. Hardwood is easy to maintain


In addition to the assets listed above, FCI offers a wide variety of wood species, styles and colors from oak, maple and cherry, to more exotic options like bamboo. No matter what hardwood selection you make for your floor space, you can feel confident in knowing that we partner with the best in flooring manufacturers, including our partners at Shaw Armstrong.


Can I Still Achieve Impressive Wood Floor Results without Installing Hardwood?


Yes! Mom always provides alternatives to a scenario, and so do we at FCI. We have a wide selection of laminate flooring to reproduce the look and quality you’d find in hardwood commercial floors. And, much like hardwood, our laminate has a natural appearance, is easy to clean and maintain, is extremely durable and cost effective.


As with our hardwood selection, we partner with reputable laminate flooring manufacturers that produce the best possible product, and you can choose from a myriad of looks that are second to none in reflecting a natural, polished hardwood appearance, from cherry to oak.


Best Look, Best Budget, Best Commercial Wood Floors in the Tri-State Area


At FCI we understand the importance of doing commercial projects with personalized service, professionalism and time efficiency, which is why we have a large team devoted specifically for jobs like hardwood floor installation. Our Cherry Hill, New Jersey location even has a mobile service that can come to you for consultation, quotes and sample commercial wood floors near Palmyra and surrounding areas.


For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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