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Save the Last Dance – Planning Commercial Carpet for Banquet Halls

From senior prom to wedding anniversaries, banquet halls are a great resource for an open, decorated space. And a great commercial carpet can make all the difference!

commercial carpetDesigning and renovating a banquet hall can be an exciting process, but a source of stress. A multifunctional room, prepared for celebratory events like weddings and proms, as well as professional conferences and corporate meetings, deserves a commercial carpet that can withstand both the tests of time and use. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when making the decision on your options for commercial carpeting, as you narrow down your choices.
1. The Color of the Room
You will want to consider the color of the room, or rooms, currently being focused on for the new commercial carpet. A carpet’s decorative value is only as strong as the room that ties it together. Since many banquet halls often feature a golden or crimson hue, the carpeting may best match with a focus on reds. Each room is different, however, and should receive individualized attention to detail.
2. The Nature of Catering
Catering businesses, whether internal or outsourced, can only do so much to prevent spillage of food on the ground, especially after the plates have been delivered. Bright-colored off-white carpets, such as beige, may be an option to ignore, as stains are more likely to show and harder to remove. Darker carpet options help to hide pesky stains, which make it a more popular option for banquet halls. This is especially helpful for those who decide to self-cater!
3. The Type of Room
Preparing commercial grade carpet for a banquet hall doesn’t necessarily mean that each carpet option is universally perfect for each room. Carpet that is used for lobbies can have a different texture, as it primarily collects the dust and dirt tracked in from the outside. Meanwhile, the carpet found within the dining and meeting halls may feature a design or pattern that matches the current motif, and is often a finer quality.
4. The Amount of Foot Traffic
Carpet’s functionality and versatility makes it a great, budget-friendly option for banquet halls of all types. Those halls that see more foot traffic should invest in a higher cost, durable, long-lasting carpet, as to avoid fraying around the edges. This is an investment in the future of the business, since the process of carpet re-installation can take time away from potential renters.
Do you think your banquet hall could use a fresh installation of commercial carpet? Let us know, and we’ll provide you with the options and designs that fit your vision!


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