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How Your Source For Commercial Wood Floors Can Change Your Business

Your source for commercial flooring has more of an impact on your business than you realize

source for commercial wood floors 2You’ve gotta enjoy the little things. Paintings are the most beautiful when the artist pays attention to the finest details. Performers excel when they focus on refining their particular skill to the most minute intricacy. Even though we do not always notice the small details, they play an integral role in our lives and activities.


So what does your source for commercial wood floors have to do with your business? Well… more than you think. The small details of life play a major role in our attitudes and decisions. For example, a grocery store in El Paso allowed researchers to perform an experiment in order to see how easily they could control the walking path of customers after entering the store. The researchers placed a line of green arrows that led down the center aisle and then began pointing left. When the green arrows were not present, the customers usually walked to the right. However, when the arrows were placed on the floor and pointed left, the customers turned to the left 9 times out of 10.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to start putting arrows on your floor, of course. But this experiment does show how much influence little details can have on us. The influence of little details shows why the quality of the floor can have a profound impact on your business.

How Your Source For Commercial Wood Floors Affects Your Business

Let’s look at some of the ways that your company’s flooring influences your business.

  • Ambiance: The floors in your company play a large role in determining the atmosphere of the workspace. A uniformly grey carpet is not going to inspire creativity or enthusiasm. Uneven flooring will lead to stressful walking experiences. But a nice, smooth, oak floor may set the perfect tone for employees and clients. Your floor should foster an atmosphere that is elegant and inviting.
  • Cleanliness: Some floors are harder to clean than others. A mediocre commercial carpet will stain and trap dirt. But having a clean floor is just where your source for commercial wood flooring can come in to help. A nice hardwood floor does not trap pollen and dust like other flooring options. A maple wood floor is not only beautiful, but also low maintenance. That’s a hard combination to beat.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Since a hardwood floor is easy to clean and maintain, it’s also easy on the company’s budget. Less stains to clean up. Less pollen and dirt to painstakingly remove. Less carpet tears to fix. In the end, this all adds up to, well, less money. How can a hardwood floor change your business? By saving it cash.


If you want to install the highest quality of hardwood flooring in your company’s space, then Floor Coverings International is your source for commercial wood floors. We will quickly install the best wood flooring so that your company will not be disturbed, but only benefit from having fantastic floors.


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