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4 Things They Never Told You About Commercial Laminate Flooring

Surprising news about commercial laminate flooring that will make reconsider this versatile product.


If you’re a property manage responsible for your next flooring project it’s time to consider commercial laminate flooring.  Today’s commercial laminate is different from that of the 70s, and thanks to technology, it has become a popular choice for commercial flooring.  Here are 4 things they never told you about commercial laminate.

  1. Laminate durability ratings matter.  The internationally accepted standard classification of laminate flooring durability is the abrasion criteria or “AC” rating.  The AC ratings range from AC1-AC6, and they measure the amount of wear resistance.  The recommended AC ratings for commercial use are AC4-AC6 depending on the anticipated amount of foot traffic.
  2. Eco-friendly flooring. Did you know that laminate flooring is often produced with recycled materials? Not only that but it’s also possible to recycle them into energy or agricultural filler and in some cases may contribute to LEED credits and allow your company to brand itself as ecologically aware.
  3. No UV lighting discoloration. Some flooring materials change colors when regularly exposed to UV rays, but not laminate! This is one distinct advantage of laminate flooring.
  4. Health benefits of laminate flooring include its resistance to mold and bacteria.  And for extra protection, laminate can be treated with special allergy resistant and antibacterial coatings.

Commercial laminate flooring has additional benefits as well including durability, low care maintenance, cost and available in a wide range of looks including stone, wood, or cork!

Best Commercial Laminate Flooring Options

If you’re searching for the best commercial laminate flooring options for your business, then look no further than FCI.  The best quality laminates offer generous wear layers that not only make the flooring very durable but scratch, stain and dent resistant.  We’ve got your laminate flooring needs covered, from unique looks, colors and sizes.  Our aim is to make flooring selection, installation and clean-up convenient and easy.

How do we do this?

  • Expert Design Associates arrive with commercial mobile showroom and commercial architect folders to help you select the perfect product
  • Efficient installation team who will remove and dispose of old flooring materials
  • Price points for every budget and financing options available
  • We work flexible hours including evenings, weekends and holiday to help you keep your doors open for business

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