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Deciding Between Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles and Sheet Vinyl

The final showdown between the standard sheet commercial vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring tiles – who will win? Find out here!

commercial vinyl flooringCommercial vinyl flooring can be broken up easily into two competing types – sheet vinyl and vinyl tile. But if they’re both made of vinyl materials, how exactly do they differ in benefits? Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of both types of floors, which can play a major deciding factor in redesigning a commercial building.


1. The Design & Feel
When it comes down to the appearance of the commercial vinyl flooring types, vinyl tiles easily outweigh in benefits than the sheet vinyl. Vinyl tiles offer a level of flexibility for installation that sheet vinyl simply does not, due to its bulky nature. And tiles are available in a multitude of designs and colors, while sheet vinyl has to follow a specific color or pattern and can’t be separated. Additionally, sheet vinyl has to be installed in only about one or two pieces, which can be difficult for rooms with more corners.
2. “Green” Impact
If having an environmentally friendly commercial vinyl flooring option is desired, rest assured that neither sheet nor tile poses a major threat to nature. More often than not, vinyl is made from recycled materials, helping to reduce a carbon footprint. This makes either option a better choice than other flooring types, such as rubber, and not a directly competitive factor between each other.
3. Durability
How do these types of vinyl floorings fare when it comes to overall durability for years to come? Once again, vinyl tiles take the advantage over vinyl sheets. Because vinyl sheets are much larger, they are more prone to irreparable damage. It’s much ┬áharder to patch a small portion of a large roll of vinyl sheet than, say, a vinyl tile, which can be removed and replaced on a tile-by-tile basis. In general, vinyl is a tough material that can handle the test of time. It’s only when it does eventually take damage that sheet vinyl becomes the weaker link.
4. Costs
Working on a smaller budget often leads businesses to explore sheet vinyl options, which is substantially cheaper than vinyl tile. It’s made in a larger size than the tiles, requiring less time and work for precision of installation. And because each tile is uniquely designed and placed with adhesives, it often takes more time. It’s best compared to buying groceries in bulk vs. buying groceries individually, saving on overall costs for less packaging.
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