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Choosing The Ideal Commercial Flooring Systems For Your Sanctuary

Trusting just any old contractor to work on something as meaningful as your Sanctuary is risky. Floor Coverings International understands and respects the complexity of working in sacred space.

It can be a tricky process, preparing to replace flooring in a sanctuary space. There are budgets to get approved, timetables to plan around, and even lists of the particular congregational preferences to consider. In truly trying to respect all of these details, you really do want to make the most informed choice in picking the best commercial flooring systems for your sacred space.

To Combine or Not To Combine: What Commercial Floorings Systems Should You Consider?

The first thing to determine is what your space will be used for. Do you have a separate sanctuary and multipurpose hall? Or will all of your worship activities be held in the same area?

If you plan on combining everything into one room, you want to choose from commercial flooring systems that can handle the foot traffic, are easy to clean and maintain, and balance out the acoustics for both worship services and fellowship events. You will probably want to steer away from carpeting or stained concrete if your design includes consolidation.

In the case of having a separate sanctuary space, you can focus more on musical acoustics as opposed to noise level reduction. You can find commercial flooring that will add to whatever worship sound your congregation prefers. For example, hardwood flooring can be excellent in this situation.

Making Your Sanctuary Peaceful & Inviting

As you know when making changes to a worship space, the most important aspect is who will be coming into that sanctuary once it’s finished. You want to add to the overall inviting ambiance of the room. And you want to make a variety of people as comfortable as possible.

One factor that is similar across many different demographics of people is the desire to find respite from the daily stresses and chaos of the world outside the walls of a worship building. Choosing commercial flooring systems that facilitate that sense of peace could make all the difference in making your space a true sanctuary.

The Right Partner For Your Sanctuary’s Commercial Flooring Solutions

At Floor Coverings International, we strive to give all of our clients an efficient and respectful experience. We will go out of our way to make sure that your sacred space is treated with the deference it deserves. We also understand the unique timetables involved in renovating a worship space and will work diligently to make sure your congregation can resume their normal schedule as soon as possible.

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