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When, How, and What Guide To Flooring For Commercial Applications

When Should I replace the flooring? How Much Will It Cost? What Materials Should I Use? We’ve Got The Answers!


Not sure if now is the right time to replace or upgrade your commercial flooring? We’ve got you covered with our flooring for commercial applications guide! Timing is everything when it comes to installing commercial flooring, so when is the best time?

  • Suffering from severe water damage? Now’s the time to replace your commercial flooring, water damage causes mold and if neglected can cause damage to the building and may affect the health of your employees and clients.
  • Spraying air freshener regularly over that carpeting? You’re not fooling anyone, it’s time for new flooring!
  • Worn down and beat up? All flooring is subject to wear and tear over time, but when there are more scratches, dents, rips and tears than flooring, it’s time for a makeover!

Believe it or not, the flooring does reflect your company and if it’s worn out, smells bad or in disrepair, you’ll want to start your flooring project sooner than later.

How Much Will New Flooring For Commercial Applications Cost?

In order to create a realistic budget for your commercial flooring, you need to consider the following; What type of flooring does your business require? What type of flooring do you have now? And lastly, how large is the space? The type of flooring your need depends on several factors; use, foot traffic, comfort, durability, and safety.  Typically, carpeting will be the easiest to remove, and if your current flooring is hardwood or tile, that will likely cost more to remove.

Once you’ve answered those important questions, you can then examine the best commercial flooring options.

  1. Commercial bamboo flooring is eco-friendly which has made it a popular choice for businesses since the 1990s.  Advantages of bamboo include easy maintenance, eco-friendly product, water resistant and durable.  Pricing of bamboo flooring is comparable to that of hardwood flooring, but it’s certainly worth the investment.
  2. Commercial cork flooring is ideal for areas where noise is a concern as it helps dampen the sounds.  Commercial cork is comforting underfoot and best used in areas with low to moderate foot traffic.

Whatever your setting, FCI has a wide range of options of flooring for commercial applications.  Keep your next flooring project simple by working with our expert Design Associates.  Our convenient commercial mobile showroom makes visualizing flooring easy. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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