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Replacing Carpet In A Building, In Style

Learn about the easy changes you can make, following the newest style trends to rejuvenate your space!


When the time comes to consider replacing carpet in a building there are a lot of factors to weigh. Cost and durability are usually the first items on the list. Will the new carpet prove to be a sound investment; easy to clean and care for along with holding up under a lot of foot traffic? These are important questions, but you probably know that there are also aesthetic goals to consider.

Style Considerations When Replacing Carpet In A Building Is A Must

Replacing carpet in a building can take on a whole host of details including colors, space, and feel. While commercial buildings of the past might have been more bare bones utilitarian – modern style and trends have brought new design aspirations into view. Interior design has a huge affect on the atmosphere of a workspace, deciding whether or not employees work up to their full potential or customers feel drawn to return.

Choosing A Style From The Current Trends

Commercial flooring, especially corporate workplaces, drive the trends of carpeting globally. There is a certain artistry to the design and placement of carpeting, making the replacement of carpet in a building an important experience.

Depending on the environment you are trying to cultivate, the colors you choose have a significant effect.

  • The most popular colors today are in the blue family for a cool neutral feel.
  • White is also desirable in keeping a quiet and calming atmosphere.
  • For a more invigorating feel greens harken to botanicals, bringing a different kind of light indoors.

Another helpful trend in replacing carpet in a building is actually not seen but physically felt. Your choice of backing for carpeting can be both ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Pre- and post-consumer content can be recycled into “new” backing that is often easier to install due to difference in weight. This could also save you money in shipping costs and even gain you points in LEED scoring, ultimately benefiting your business beyond the normal day to day expectations.

There are a variety of options to choose from when replacing carpet in a building. Depending upon your industry, you may have always had carpet, but find it more aesthetically pleasing if you were replacing carpet with hardwood. Although, if you have a lot of foot traffic, you may want to consider replacing carpet with tile or stone. Tile is a strong material that thrives in high-traffic areas.

Help With Your Style Needs

If you are looking for a company that can bring your design goals and the newest trends together, contact us today. Floor Coverings International has direct relationships with the largest carpet manufacturers, bringing you the latest options in commercial flooring. Our highly trained Design Associates will come give you a free on-site assessment, answering any questions you might have about style, budget, or any other needs. Let us make replacing carpet in a building a stress free design experience for you!

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