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Picking the Perfect Commercial Tile For Your Business

Torn on where to turn for commercial tile? Here are a few options to get your plans in motion!

Commercial tile has become quite the popular option for flooring applications over the past decade. In fact, in 2013, ceramic floors have seen an increase of 0.3% to 13.1% of the total flooring purchases made, making a huge leap into the realm of popularity. And with the many benefits that are associated with similar types of materials, it’s no wonder there was an increase in this demand. Here are a few examples of tile materials to consider as you plan your next floor remodeling project.

1. Ceramic
commercial tile
Ceramic is a beautiful material for commercial tile flooring, and is loaded with benefits. The glazed surface helps with resistance to stains, odors, and dirt, and can be easily cleaned with household cleaner fluids. The glaze also helps to maintain a scratch resistant surface, which is perfect for applications such as retail and offices that see heavy foot traffic. Plus, it’s a durable material, so you can expect it to last for quite some time.


2. Porcelain
Porcelain material is made from a mix of fine clays and minerals fired at extremely high temperatures. This makes for a solid, more durable commercial tile that’s designed to last long term. What’s interesting about porcelain tiles is that they absorb 100% less than ceramic, which is a benefit in that it can be used in outdoor applications as well. It’s easy to maintain, in that it only requires a standard cleaning solution or just soap and water. Plus, it can be designed to mimic the style different types of stone to match your desired environment.


3. Natural Stone
Having a natural stone material for your commercial flooring means that you’ll be set for a long time. Stone is one of the more durable options to choose, and can handle the wear and tear of foot traffic, chair scrapes and more. It’s a natural material that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, as it can handle the test of weather. And the material itself can absorb heat, which can help on energy costs overall. However, it is recommended that you clean up any immediate spills of staining liquids, like juices or sodas, as this could affect the appearance of the stone later down the line.


4. Vinyl
Whether you’re springing for a standard vinyl flooring option or the luxury make, vinyl material is a highly popular option for those looking for commercial flooring. The style of the vinyl can match pre-existing materials such as hardwood, or you can choose from a whole host of designs to match your building’s decor. There’s also virtually no maintenance, besides using standard cleaners. Although it isn’t the most ecologically-sound investment, it makes up for it in durability, meaning you can expect the floor to last for longer. This would work perfectly in most office applications.


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