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Expanding Your Business? Consider Commercial Carpet in a Growing Job Market

More Jobs Means More Demand for Quality Flooring – Carpeting Is the Classic Choice

Commercial CarpetAs much as the “doom and gloom” of the current US political race might make you want to believe that the country is going to waste, the truth is, that jobs are up and the economy is growing! That means that for businesses just like yours, you may need to expand, and you’ll need quality floor coverings to provide the look and functionality that you’ll want for the time to come. As many companies have turned to quality commercial carpet for their choice of floor coverings, they’ll all tell you that having the right flooring specialists is key!


Is this upturn in jobs really true? According to Kermit Baker of Floor Covering Weekly, jobs were up last year and continue to forecast that way. Baker states that, “we’re on a pace to create another 2.2 million this year. This will create a lot of demand for office space, retail facilities, and new hotels and restaurants…For the floor covering industry, this forecast points to several more years of healthy business conditions.”


With these statistics in mind, you may want to get your space ready for an increase in jobs. Use this time now to ensure that you have durable, good-looking floors that are easy to maintain and will keep your building looking great. Commercial carpet provides the durability and aesthetic appeal that your space craves.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Commercial Carpeting Solutions

There are many reasons why a commercial carpet install will benefit your building, but you’ll want to team up with the right installation company so that you’ll get the TLC and quality products needed to keep you truly satisfied. At Floor Coverings International, take pride in our quality and service, as we take care to put your needs first.  Here’s why you’ll love our carpeting:

  • Provides warmth through a great look, feel, and style. Whether you’re an open concept start-up or a cubicle wonderland, the right kind of flooring can have a huge impact on how employees feel.
  • Wide selection of colors and patterns available. Our specialists will help you find the right choice for you!
  • Sound-absorbent to help diminish distractions. This will provide employees greater focus time, as well as allow customers a sense of calm while in your space.
  • Comes with stain-protection options and easy maintenance. Coffee spills and the like are bound to happen, which is why FCI offers commercial carpeting that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Finding the best commercial carpet couldn’t be easier with the experts at FCI on your side! The process starts with a free on-site estimate so we can help you find you what you want and what you need. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!


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