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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Options for Commercial Flooring

Thinking of going eco-friendly for your business? These commercial flooring options are a great place to start!

With advances in technology, businesses have been able to implement eco-friendly opportunities around the workplace. Fortunately, such options are available in commercial flooring, and could save tens of thousands of dollars if implemented correctly. If you feel like you’re stuck between a (marble) rock and a hard(wood) place, here are a few material options to choose from!

  1. commercial-flooringHardwood
    Hardwood has many benefits for commercial flooring, especially its general appearance as a more luxurious material. But due to its high durability and the sustainable harvesting of wood, it’s a viable option in the environmentally-friendly world. A longer lasting floor means less necessity for replacement over the course of 15 to 20 years, unlike floors made with cheaper materials. And because it’s designed to last, hardwood flooring only needs to be given occasional surface treatments to keep up appearances.
  2. Rubber
    As a commercial flooring option, rubber has considerable green potential in its very low maintenance and upkeep. Given that the material doesn’t require daily vacuuming (most debris can be easily picked up with brooms and pans), rubber flooring is ideal in applications where cleaning can be a difficult task. Its durability removes the need for early flooring replacement.
  3. Linoleum
    Linoleum has actually been eco-friendly for quite some time. Years ago, linoleum was made from excess materials like wood flour, cork dust, tree resin, and other mixtures. And with the advancement of commercial flooring technologies, linoleum tiles can be made using recycled glass, which provides great environmental benefits compared to other choices. Recycled materials means a more concerted effort to consistently reuse, so as the materials break over long periods of time, they can be used for future implementations. Plus, it is quite durable, and can handle increased foot traffic for business applications. This is a great option for retail businesses.
  4. Vinyl
    While it isn’t often the first choice in a greener focus, the properties of vinyl flooring are inevitably connected to integral environmentally friendly outcomes. The surface of vinyl helps create great indoor air quality, which reduces the need for increased conditioning. And because it requires very little underlayment materials, it’s a more minimalistic approach to floor preparation. Overall, the focus on the floor remains on the surface, and vinyl maintains its appearance and stability with ease.

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