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Your Best Options in Flooring for Commercial Applications

Having trouble figuring out which flooring for commercial applications would be best for you? Read our guide!

Flooring For Commercial ApplicationsGenerally speaking, with the curbing of the Great Recession, businesses that provide flooring for commercial applications have been seeing upward trends in sales. According to HardwoodFloorsMag, “median square footage sold by wood flooring distributors surveyed in 2009 was a paltry 392,000 [while] the median for distributors answering [this] survey [in 2014] had more than doubled to 950,000.” Likewise, the Carpet & Rug Institute stated that carpet sales account for $17,305,000,000 of total flooring sales. Simply put, it’s never been a better time to start renovating your business’ floors, and the options are plenty! Here are a few popular options to consider for your needs.

  1. Wood
    Wood flooring has seen a rapid rise over the past two decades. A part of this is because of its recognized ease of care and maintenance. Hardwood flooring for commercial applications can avoid the dangers of staining like in carpeting, and is often easily cleaned through daily sweeping. While its weakness may be best attributed to the cost (which can be on the pricier side compared to the competing materials), its upward trend in popularity speaks to its many benefits like durability and design.
  2. Carpeting
    Despite having a drop-off in the sector of flooring for commercial applications about a decade ago, carpeting still makes up for 51% of all flooring purchases. Carpeting offers a measure of comfort and financial conservation that’s suited well for office applications. The biggest fears involved in carpeting are often related to durability, as end pieces can fray after years of foot traffic. However, it’s worth noting that when properly cleaned with vacuuming and shampooing, a carpet’s life expectancy can last for over 10 years.
  3. Vinyl
    If commercial flooring applications can learn one thing from vinyl, it’s that flexibility is crucial for businesses. Preparing a vinyl flooring setup allows for a wide range of creative options in colors and designs, which make for a uniquely decorated office. And its natural cooling elements help maintain a good temperature during any season. While it is generally more difficult to repair, it’s easily replaceable when needing an upgrade or change.
  4. Rubber
    While not a widely used material, rubber is a great alternative for flooring options in a retail or manufacturing setting. Its surprisingly soft and malleable surface makes for a more comfortable seat than harder flooring, and also helps prevent the breaking of items dropped from a distance. Like with hardwood, rubber can be a price increase from the standard commercial applications, but it’s proven to be safer from water and fire damage, so it’s an investment in your building’s future.

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