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The Top 4 Questions About Installing Flooring In A Building Answered!

Planning to renovate or update flooring at your commercial site? Then you’ll want to know the answers to these top 4 questions about installing flooring in a building.

The Top 4 Questions About Installing Flooring In A Building Answered!

If you are responsible for replacing or renovating the flooring in your business, you’ll want the answers to questions about installing flooring in a building. There are a number of considerations when deciding on the appropriate flooring for your business. Let’s look at our top 4 questions and answers about the installation of building flooring.

  1. How much time and money do I want to spend on maintenance?
    It’s common for many people to only think of their flooring budget in terms of materials and installation, but you also need to calculate the cost of maintaining your new flooring.Some flooring materials, like carpeting, require more frequent cleaning and a greater use of special cleaning products than other flooring materials.
  2.  How much time after installation can a floor be subjected to heavy rolling loads?
    If you are installing commercial flooring in an industrial area that uses heavy rolling loads, like carts, it’s important to allow a minimum of 72 hours in order for the setting and adhesives to dry.  If it is not possible to wait 72 hours, make sure to protect your installation with wood panels.
  3.  Do we want to invest in environmentally-friendly flooring? This is an important consideration for many new commercial buildings.  If the installation of building flooring that is eco-friendly is important then there are a number of quality “green” flooring materials such as cork, linoleum, bamboo and stone.
  4.  What’s the purpose of each area?If you work in a restaurant, office building, or health services facility then each area may require different flooring.  While carpeting looks great in the lobby or dining area, it is not a great option for kitchens or bathrooms. Installing hardwood flooring adds elegance to any area, and is a great anti-allergen option

Do You Have More Questions About Installing Flooring In A Building ?

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