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How Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Flooring Can Set You Apart From the Crowd

Outdoor Commercial Flooring That Combines Function and The Right Aesthetic

Summer has arrived, and with this warm weather comes the joy of dining outdoors, recreational activities and relaxing both indoors and outdoors. Choosing the best indoor/outdoor commercial flooring presents a number of challenges including the ability to withstand the elements, reflect your business’s style and attract customers.  The key is finding versatile commercial flooring that complements both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Commercial FlooringCeramic tiles are a great option for commercial outdoor flooring because it blends the interior with the exterior spaces. The benefits of glazed ceramic tiles are water resistance, low maintenance care, beauty and durability. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and styles that add beauty to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Natural sandstone and granite tiles are wonderful for outdoor flooring for a number of reasons. The rough texture of these tiles make them naturally slip resistant, even when they get wet. Sandstone and granite allow you to combine the beauty of the outdoors with indoor warmth to invite your clients to relax and enjoy nature. When used indoors, these tiles will need to be sealed during and after installation, and each stone weathers differently.
  • Slate tiles are gorgeous and durable. Ideally used for outdoor settings because they are slip resistant and water resistant. Available in an array of textures and colors, this outdoor flooring works well in areas exposed to water.
  • Rubber flooring has traditionally been used for outdoor recreational spaces like playgrounds, however, it has expanded in use for indoor spaces as well. Versatility durability, longevity and ecologically friendly characteristics has made this an increasingly popular indoor/outdoor commercial flooring.

Need More Inspiring Outdoor Commercial Flooring Ideas?

In today’s competitive market, it’s important to make your business stand out from the crowd.  Aesthetics are an essential component to creating that competitive edge. When designing the perfect environment for your business, it’s imperative to consider the best commercial flooring. Let our expert Design Associates guide you in the process. Advantages of partnering with us are:

  • Free on-site consultation
  • Commercial mobile showrooms that come to you
  • Commercial architect folders
  • Efficient installation team who will work around your schedule
  • Lifetime guarantee on flooring

If professionalism, timeliness, and quality workmanship are important to you, then let FCI help you with your next commercial flooring project. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!


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