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Beginner’s Guide To Using The Right Commercial Floor Coating

Protect Your Investment. Learn Which Commercial Floor Coating Works Best

In today’s industry, improvements in Health and Safety standards increasingly require durable, low maintenance easily cleanable floors. Whether you need to improve safety in the workplace by means of anti-slip surfaces, or you need oil, chemical or acid resistant floors, commercial floor coatings provide a durable and effective solution.

  • Commercial Floor CoatingWater Based Coatings are a commercial floor coating designed to offer dustproofing, sealing and decorative finishes for a variety of substrates. Benefits of using water based coatings are: its low cost, easy maintenance, good chemical resistance, and the range of colors available. Ideal use in warehouses, storerooms, and showrooms.
  • High Solids Epoxy is commercial grade and offers the best protection from stains, abrasion and chemicals. The high solids epoxy has a greater high solids content, up to 100%.  The 100% solids is not only thicker but more durable than two coats of water based coating.
  • Epoxy flooring or epoxy resin flooring is used to protect flooring or fix flawed flooring primarily in warehouses, showrooms, and shipping and receiving. Epoxy flooring is on concrete surface to not only for cosmetic reasons, but because it is durable and safe.
  • Clear epoxy or polyurethane top coat maximizes thickness and durability, and this is the coating that gives your floor that extra shine.

The Bottom Line About Commercial Floor Coating

What’s the best epoxy floor coating? Well, that depends on your current flooring.  Commercial floor coating was created to work with specific materials.  If you need epoxy floor coating for wood, then use a water based epoxy coating.  If you need epoxy floor coatings for basement, then your best bet is using the high solids epoxy for industrial strength coating.  Need epoxy floor coatings for concrete, you’ll want to use the high solids epoxy.  Remember that multiple coats will increase the durability, and whenever possible, choose the higher solids content to get more value for your money.  If you still have questions about the best epoxy floor coating, please speak to one of our expert Design Associates.

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