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4 Hot Tips About Vinyl Floors from Commercial Flooring Specialists

You Won’t Want to Miss these Great Tips on Commercial Vinyl Selection and Maintenance!

Come join the trend of vinyl flooring for your commercial space! There are many great benefits to vinyl flooring, including water resistance, durability, and low maintenance. And there have been many great advances in the luxury vinyl market to create the appearance of wood, tile, and stone, without the cost! There are many great options for commercial flooring, but we are going to delve into the area of vinyl today and share some industry tips from commercial flooring specialists on selection and maintenance.

Joseph Lewitin from About.com shares some great tips about commercial vinyl flooring from his article “Commercial Vinyl Flooring – Characteristics and Considerations of Vinyl in High Traffic Areas”. He breaks down some pros and cons to vinyl, but gives great tips on selection and ways you can extend the life of your vinyl flooring!

4 Ways Your Commercial Flooring Installers Can Help With Your Vinyl Flooring

  1. Go For Quality For Longer Lasting Flooring – This may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses just like yours may sacrifice quality for the short-term focus on the bottom line. But if you don’t aim for a good quality flooring that is the right thickness and measurements to match your foot traffic, then the quality and life of the flooring will suffer over time. But don’t worry! We at Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill have experienced commercial flooring specialists who will assist you with selection from beginning to end to ensure you pick the right option!
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  1. Communicate Amount of Foot Traffic to Your Flooring Installer – This is very important from a selection perspective like the previous point, but if you fully describe to your commercial flooring installer the amount of foot traffic your building or even specific areas will have, they can help cater a warranty and a long-term maintenance plan for you.
  1. Maintain the Surface Finish and ColorHow can you do this? Simple. The easiest way is to regularly and fully clean your floors, as this will help get up the tiny particles and oils that will break down the flooring finish and color over time. You can also use floor sealers and even floor mats in certain areas as added protection.
  1. Repair Dents and Scratches With Liquid Seam Filler – A downside (although not really) to commercial vinyl is that the surface can dent or scratch if heavy furniture is carelessly scraped across the surface. Take care to lift furniture or use furniture pads, but you can also use liquid seam filler to help with light dents and scratches.

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