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Commercial Flooring Concepts & Current Design Trends

Commercial Flooring Design Trends and Ideas for Your Upcoming Project

With the wide variety of flooring options available for commercial spaces, expanding views of commercial flooring concepts and design will have you thinking outside of the box during your commercial build or renovation. Incorporating current design trends and exceptional flooring concepts into your space will maximize your investment and bring a high quality look and added value.

Commercial Flooring Concepts to Consider

Commercial Flooring ConceptsSustainability

Building materials that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly have been one of the biggest trends in design in recent years, and commercial flooring is no exception. Higher levels of sustainability – including the area of flooring – is shown in the the release of the LEED v4 product transparency requirements to ensure that materials really do meet the green standards they advertise. Many commercial flooring options come with environmentally-friendly choices. One trending type of sustainable flooring is reclaimed wood. Incorporating sustainable design into your flooring choice is one of the most positive and responsible choices you can make.


Colors & Textures

Choosing more lively colors and textures for flooring is making a resurgence in the commercial flooring industry. Depending on the industry you serve, you may have more flexibility in this area. Memorable patterns and playful colors can be incorporated into the design of your flooring using almost any flooring material.


Think hardwood flooring laid in a herringbone pattern. A multi-color vinyl flooring pattern arranged in a fun and unique way. Hexagonal carpet tiles to give a subtle hint of an interesting pattern. Online flooring galleries such as this one are a good place to start getting inspired for incorporating colors and textures into your design. You can also get ideas from past projects done by Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill.


Tile Designs and Sizes

If you’re considering commercial tile flooring, think about some unique tile options that will show forward thinking design. 12×12 inch tile used in flooring is out as a trend, and wide planked tile flooring (usually 12×24) is definitely in, along with other shapes of tiles for tile flooring, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet tile. Porcelain tile printed with a hardwood image has gained popularity for spaces that want to combine the look and warm, inviting feel of hardwood flooring with the high-performance and durability of tile or luxury vinyl tile. Carpet tiles accounted for nearly 60% of all commercial carpeting sales in 2014 – they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


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