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Avoid these 3 Pitfalls When Choosing the Best Commercial Flooring

Too Many Facility Managers Get Stuck With The Wrong Commercial Flooring and They Pay For It

You might not think it, but the type of flooring that a company lays down under its employees is extremely important. According to Lewis Migliore in LGM and Associates, choosing the best commercial flooring in a workspace has a huge impact on the mental well-being of its occupants.

In his article on FacilitiesNet.com called “Knowing the Characteristics of Flooring Products“, he brings this to light because often companies do not choose the right types of flooring in certain areas. Migliore goes on to state that all people spend 93% of their time indoors. This means that the atmosphere can largely affect how people respond, act, and how they work.

So if you are a facilities manager and are shopping around, don’t you think that choosing the best commercial flooring is of utmost importance, and not just something that is cheap or is “sold” to you by an inexperienced flooring salesperson? Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill doesn’t do business this way. We are a specialized flooring company that will walk with you from beginning to end.


Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make By Not Choosing the Best Commercial Flooring Options

1. Use the wrong material – Your building may have many different areas that will need different types of materials. And it’s important to understand how the different surfaces work, what the long-term maintenance is for them, and if it even matches the need of that area. For example, wood flooring may look nice, but it is tough to maintain and may have some acoustical challenges. Luxury Vinyl may be good option for high traffic areas that can take more wear and tear.

2. Choose the wrong color/texture – Some buildings will use a light color carpet, however that will show wear more easily, and will show stains and will get dirty much quicker than a darker carpet. It is also important, as mentioned above, that atmosphere in a working environment is important, so choosing the right color and texture may have a huge subliminal impact on the employees and clients that use the space.

3. Partner with An inexperienced installer – The sad fact is that many facility managers join forces with an inexperienced flooring installer or company that does not work with flooring in all types of buildings. FCI Cherry Hill, however, has a breadth of knowledge and experience and our design associates will come to your building on your terms and make the challenge of  choosing the best commercial flooring a good thing!

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