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No More Sitting on the Sidelines, Now’s the Time to install Commercial Hardwood!

Score the Winning Touchdown with New Commercial Hardwood.

Football fans, if you want the home team advantage and draw big crowds to your establishment, it’s time to replace or upgrade your commercial hardwood flooring.  Don’t underestimate the importance of aesthetics when it comes to attracting customers. Installing commercial hardwood flooring that complements your business will set you apart from the rest.

So, you’ve made the decision to replace or upgrade your commercial hardwood flooring, but now you want to know the benefits of commercial hardwood flooring? Here are 6 benefits of commercial hardwood:

  • Creates warmth in any establishment
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting color
  • Great option for allergy sufferers since hardwood doesn’t trap dust or dander
  • Durable and tough, perfect for high traffic areas
  • Ability to change the color with sanding and refinishing
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Are You Prepared for the Big Leagues? Commercial Hardwood Flooring Info to Make You Look Like a Pro!

1. What’s the difference between Solid Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood?

  • Commercial solid hardwood is beautiful planked hardwood made only from natural wood and available from a variety of species.  Solid hardwood is given a hardness rating, which indicates the resistance of the wood to indentations.  The average hardwood rating for commercial hardwood flooring is 1000 or higher, so it’s a good idea to huddle with a design specialist who can help you determine the best play.  Solid hardwood adds structural strength to your establishment but it is susceptible to warping or expansion if there are drastic temperature changes.
  • Commercial engineered hardwood consists of a top layer of hardwood veneer over a plywood, it is also available in a variety of stylish options. Engineered hardwood is strong and durable and isn’t prone to shrinking or warping which makes it a great option for flooring that is exposed to extreme temperatures. Both types of hardwood are smooth and durable.

2. What does prefinished and unfinished flooring mean? These terms refer to stains, if the hardwood is prefinished then the stain has been applied and the flooring can be installed.  If the hardwood is unstained, then it must be stained after the installation process.

Don’t get flagged for making a personal foul! Follow these tips to make sure you make it safely to the end zone.

  • Know your budget.  Remember when it comes to flooring you need to consider not just the cost of materials, but installation.  Make sure to get a complete estimate before you start.
  • Determine your flooring needs.  Will your flooring be exposed to drastic temperature changes or moisture?
  • Research the materials.  What do you know about the chemicals used for staining wood or installing flooring.

Let Floor Coverings International help you formulate the best game plan for your commercial hardwood flooring. Our expert Design Associate is happy to deliver an on-site consultation with the commercial mobile showroom.  We understand that your time is valuable and we are committed to meeting our agreed upon deadline.  Our professional installation team will work efficiently, remove the old flooring and professionally clean your new flooring.  Your satisfaction is our goal, learn more about Floor Coverings International at www.eastcoastfloorcoverings.com

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