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6 Hot Tips for Shopping Types of Commercial Flooring

Check Out What Industry Experts are Saying About Finding the Right Types of Flooring for Your Business

Retail outlets. Convention centers. Restaurants. Hotels. Car dealerships. Office spaces. These are all such different types of buildings but do you know what they all have in common? The right kind of flooring that is best for their business. They all have different types of commercial flooring but they need to determine what shape, size, material, and durability they need.

But needs and styles change, so where do you stand? Does your business need a fresh new floor? Do you know where to start finding types of commercial flooring? Maybe the flooring type you have just isn’t working and you need to try a whole new approach? Well, Joseph Lewitin, Flooring Expert of About.com provides a lot of great tips in his article “Commercial Flooring Considerations” and we have laid out some great takeaways below.

Here are 6 Hot Tips from Experts for Commercial Flooring Options

Joseph Lewitin gives a great walkthrough for determining what type of flooring is needed and the steps to go about it:

Types of Commercial Flooring
  1. Understand Installation Costs: Unless you plan on laying down your own tiles, there will obviously be some important up-front and installation costs to in installing types of commercial flooring. But FCI will walk you through your options!
  2. Researching Materials: There are many great options out there today for material types, including carpet, tile, luxury vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. Which material will work best for your needs, and meet the aesthetics that you are looking for?
  3. Establish Amount of Foot Traffic: Are you putting down floor for a back hallway, or for a front entrance to your building? Is it a showroom floor or office spaces? This will be very important for the type and durability of the flooring, and also wear and tear.
  4. Determine Needs for Safety and Comfort: Do you need floors that need to be mopped but also need to be prepared for slip-and-fall type hazards, or do you want carpet for a more welcoming atmosphere?
  5. Plan for Maintenance and Long-Term Care: How often and what methods will you be using for cleaning and maintaining the floors, and are you thinking about long term? Joseph Lewitin suggests that it may be better to spend more money up front for a longer-lasting floor.
  6. Create a File for the future: Finally, he suggests to keep a file to note how well the floor holds up over time, and how the floor has been worn and used over time, so that you can be well-prepared for a future re-installation of flooring.

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