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All About Commercial Laminate Flooring

Learn all about commercial laminate flooring and why they are the perfect fit for your space!

Get the warm, inviting look of hardwood flooring that is durable and cost effective with commercial laminate flooring. Let the expert design associates at Floor Covering International of Cherry Hill show you the wide variety of commercial laminate flooring options by bringing our mobile showroom to your site today!

What is commercial laminate flooring?

Manufactured to replicate the luxury look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost, laminate flooring is interlocking boards made from the fusion of different materials. It has a decorative printed image on top that have been expertly designed to look just like hardwood, and come in many different shades, grain pattern, and plank width and length. The design options for commercial laminate are endless!

What are the benefits of commercial laminate flooring? Why should I choose it?

Commercial laminate flooring is very durable. It is scratch, stain and fade resistant because it is protected by a resin coating which makes it an ideal flooring material for high traffic areas. Commercial laminate flooring is also easy and cost efficient to clean and maintain thanks to these tips from our friends and one of our suppliers at Armstrong Flooring. It is easy to install and can be installed on any flat, dry surface. Laminate flooring isn’t as loud underfoot as hardwood flooring, which is beneficial in many commercial settings.

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What are AC Ratings for laminate floors?

AC (Abrasion Class) Ratings are industry testings done to measure of the durability of laminate flooring:

  • AC1-AC2 rated floors are suitable for low-traffic residential spaces such as bedrooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3 is a general usage rated floor, usually recommended for residential use in spaces such as kitchens, hallways and living spaces.
  • AC4-AC5 ratings indicate commercial laminate flooring for more high traffic and highly durable floors that will last with usage in a commercial space. AC4 is regarded as general commercial usage such as offices, cafes and boutiques, while AC5 is recommended for heavy commercial use such as department stores and government buildings.

How can I learn more about commercial laminate flooring?

To see if this type of flooring is suitable for your space, Floor Coverings International can help!

Schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our Design Associates who will show you commercial laminate flooring options from our Mobile Flooring Showroom so you can see how it will look in your space. Our Design Associate will measure your floors and provide you with an estimate. After you review your estimate and make your final selection, our Design Associate will work with you to get the new flooring installed in your space, and will help you keep your business running seamlessly throughout the installation.


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