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Top Tips For Replacing Carpet in a Building

Discover top tips for replacing carpet in a building.

You’re a business owner and it’s time to replace the carpet in the entire building. Whether this happens on a recommended basis or whether it’s way overdue, it never hurts to plan ahead for the new carpet. First, you have to decide what kind of new carpet you want. Second, you have to give notice to the building – your employees or tenants – that new carpet is coming. And third, you get to supervise the whole process from day one to completion. Replacing carpet in a building doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. Here are our top tips for replacing carpet in a building.

Decisions to Make

First, it’s time for the fun part – deciding what kind of flooring you want for your commercial space. The joy of ripping up old flooring is that new beautiful flooring will replace it. Perhaps you have old carpet that’s a few decades past its prime. Now you need to decide on your new flooring.

You could put in new carpet – either carpeting or carpet tile. Carpet is a great choice for commercial spaces that need some noise insulation like offices or hotels. It’s easy to vacuum or spot clean when needed. Vinyl flooring is also an option. It is long-lasting and durable. It’s great for high foot traffic areas like retail stores, malls, or medical centers. Rubber flooring is very easy to maintain and it’s stain resistant. Rubber is also water and heat resistant, so it’s great for an industrial building or a warehouse.

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Top Tips for the Process

Anytime you do construction in a commercial space, the more planning you do ahead of time, the better. We can work with you to decide on a date to start replacing carpet in the building. You can let the tenants of the building or your employees know ahead of time. We will work efficiently with the goal of minimal disturbance. We could do the whole building at once or go floor by floor so some operations can still remain in progress.

We also recommend coordinating moving of all furniture and supplies so that the old carpet can be ripped up and the new flooring laid down in an orderly fashion. It’s important to have a plan for storing items that would otherwise be in the way.

And last but not least, don’t skimp on padding if you choose carpet flooring for your business. Cheap padding will only lead to issues and more money spent down the road. Quality padding is just as important as choosing quality carpet. You can ask one of our Design Associates for their recommendation for carpet padding.

Replacing Carpet In A Building

Once the process begins, it will be simple and smooth for replacing the carpet in a building you own. We recommend discussing ongoing maintenance options for your new flooring with our Design Associates. You’ll want to keep your new flooring looking its best. Different flooring options come with different instructions for daily or weekly care. If you follow these rules for maintaining your flooring, you will maximize on the investment into new flooring by making sure it lasts. We also recommend purchasing high quality flooring for your commercial space.

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