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What Should You Expect In Your Commercial Flooring Systems

What kind of service are you getting from your current commercial flooring systems?  Whether you have used the same flooring company for years or do fresh research for each new installation, it is important to spend time examining what kind of service you are receiving… and what you should be able to expect.

At Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International, we have years of experience installing commercial flooring systems in the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area.  After so long in the business, we have seen many instances of businesses who did not get the quality flooring or service they needed.  So, we want to help you get off to the right start on your next flooring project by outlining three key features your commercial flooring provider should be able to offer.

Great Product Selection

First and foremost, your commercial flooring provider should offer you an extensive collection of commercial flooring options, including the latest developments trends and technology.  For example, luxury vinyl has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years as advances in technology allow the authentic look of wood, marble, or stone to be printed on durable and economic tiles.

Of course, as classic carpet tiles continue to make up between 55 and 60% of commercial carpeting contract sales, it is equally important that your flooring provider also offers a wide selection of traditional materials.

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Efficient Installation

After you have chosen the perfect material to fit your business’s needs, style, and budget, your next questions will probably be about installation.  How long is it going to take?  You have important work to be doing and lost time in your office or shop can often equal a significant loss in revenue; so, an efficient installation is key.

Look for a service like Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill which is dedicated to an installation that fits your schedule.  Our installation team often works nights, weekends, or holidays in order to complete a job without disrupting the life of the business any more than necessary.

Customer Service When You Need It

On a similar note, you deserve customer service that is working when you are.  From your first contact with your flooring provider, you should be able to contact your team at any time for necessary updates or any questions you may have.  Your service team should be there to help you select the right flooring for the job and then continue to walk you through the process until the final inspection is complete.

Does this sound like the kind of service you are looking for in your next commercial flooring systems?  You can get it all with Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill.  Contact us today to get started at 856-616-9566.

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