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Your Source For Commercial Wood Floors

Get the commercial wood floors you need in styles and prices you’ll love from Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International.

Some businesses can get away with an industrial looking carpet or vinyl option. For others, the sleek, modern appearance of tiling best fits the brand and nature of the company.  But for some commercial spaces, warmth and elegance are a must.

If this last description sounds like your business or property, then commercial wood floors may be exactly what you are looking for.  The expert design associates at Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International can help you balance the aesthetics of hardwood and the durability you need in a commercial space.

Experts in Balance

Our design associates are experts in helping commercial property owners and managers find the perfect balance for their spaces.  We understand that you need a product which will hold up to the high traffic demands of your business.  You also need something that is easy to maintain, so you can keep your space looking beautiful for the long term.

Of course, practicality is only half the picture.  You also probably have a particular “look” in mind for your property, an aesthetic that will match your business’s brand or persona.  Your design associate from Floor coverings International will show you the variety of options for commercial wood floors you have available so you don’t have to compromise on any of your flooring needs.

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A Range of Commercial Wood Floors Options

When you see just how many options you have in terms of commercial wood floors, you will be glad you have one of our experienced design associates available to help you make the best decision for your space!  There are a wide range of species, finishes, and widths available, as well as different patterns to choose from.  Our exceptional variety ensures that you will be  able to find exactly the right flooring for your building or business.

Additionally, if you decide that you want the look of hardwood but need an increased level of durability, we have a number of other options available to you.  You may want to consider laminate or even a vinyl option which still offers the appearance of hardwood.

Floor Coverings International

The whole process of choosing your commercial flooring is easy when you work with Floor Coverings International.  As North America’s leading in-home design floor coverings brand, we have the experience and the resources to provide your business or property with the ideal flooring experience, from a variety of options to assistance with design and even expert installation.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with one of our design associates, contact us today at 856-616-9566.

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