6 Benefits of Tile Carpets for Philadelphia Commercial Settings

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Commercial flooring has to be strictly functional, right?


While functionality is essential for all commercial flooring, tile carpets Philadelphia clients can purchase directly from Floor Coverings International to pair occupational use with an attractive appearance with comfort and style.


Not only does carpet tile flooring offer the functional qualities needed for commercial settings like hospitals, hotels, and retail stores; it also offers many unique benefits that other common commercial flooring materials (such as rubber or vinyl) can’t compete.


Learn about the benefits of tile carpets for Philadelphia businesses from the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International, the leader among Philly’s tile carpet suppliers. Listed below are six key benefits of tile carpets.


  • Style
    Functionality shouldn’t mean compromising style and appearance. Traditional commercial flooring materials like rubber cannot compare with the style, color options, and tile carpet texture varieties of this attractive flooring option.
  • Noise Dampening
    Carpet tiles are noise-absorbing, which makes them ideally-suited for settings that tend to be loud.
  • Easy to Clean
    Tile carpet cleaning is simple. Commercial tile carpets require low maintenance; they are easy to vacuum and clean and are available in stain-resistant materials.
  • Comfort
    For settings where workers or customers will be spending considerable time on their feet, tile carpet is highly practical. It offers a soft, cushioned surface that is comfortable for standing or walking.
  • Warmth Absorption
    Want to save money on heating costs? While many commonly-used commercial flooring materials (such as cement or vinyl) do not absorb heat, carpeting holds warmth. This creates a more comfortable setting and cuts back on heating costs.
  • Top Quality Producers
    Floor Coverings International is partnered with the top producers of carpet tiles. We offer an unmatched supply of top-quality products made by producers such as Shaw, Armstrong, and Daltile.


Floor Coverings International is the top regional supplier of the tile carpets Philadelphia companies need to comprehensively improve their commercial facilities. To learn more about our products and services, contact Floor Coverings International today.