Should You Be Replacing Flooring in a Building Near Cape May? Find Out!

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Is your New-Jersey based home or business suffering from poor flooring? Are the cracks growing more visible by the day? If so, Floor Covering International is here to assist in the process of replacing flooring in a building near Cape May.


Over time, flooring gets damaged through scratches, stains, and general use. Check out the guide below to determine if your flooring needs to be changed.

  1. Replacing-Flooring-In-A-Building-Near-Cape-MayStains, especially in carpeting, are a sure sign that your flooring requires replacement, or refinishing at the very least. While professional carpet cleaning can sometimes get rid of tough stains, those that persist after professional care likely need to be replaced to maintain a professional, lasting appearance. 
  2. Marks, such as tears in carpet or deep scratches in hardwoods, are often difficult to cover up. While professionals may be able to fix small tears in carpets and polish over scratches, those that last should be replaced, especially if they’re visible in major walkways. 
  3. Old carpeting that smells even after cleaning may have mildew or mold growth penetrating deep into the carpet. Such carpeting benefits from immediate replacement. 
  4. Hardwood floors that have between-the-board movement should be replaced rather than refinished, as this movement will result in uneven sanding and overall finish. 
  5. If the subfloor of your flooring system is damaged, it’s best to replace your flooring completely. Such structural problems need to be addressed from the bottom-up in order for the top layer to sit properly.

Floor Coverings International strives to make replacing flooring in buildings near Cape May as easy as possible. As a mobile showroom, FCI delivers flooring samples to clients directly. This makes viewing flooring options a painless process. FCI also has Design Associates on-site ready to perform consultations at your preferred locale.


If you’re looking to replace flooring in buildings near Cape May, contact a representative of FCI today!


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