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installing floors dining roomAre you looking to install a new dining room floor in Medford? If so, then you are likely wondering where to go for the best selection of flooring options and the highest quality service. Both of these factors are important: you want to get the perfect flooring to meet your needs at the right price, and you also want to have great service in having that floor installed.
Don’t worry, with Floor Coverings International, we have all your bases covered (pun intended). We make the whole process a breeze with five simple steps.

  1. View Our Mobile Showroom: To make things even easier on you, we offer a mobile showroom. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants, and we will bring a full array of flooring options directly to you. This way you can make your decision from the comfort of your home and in the room you want to re-floor.
  2. Choose a Flooring Option and Get Measured: Find the perfect design and type of flooring to meet your taste and needs, and then get your room(s) measured.
  3. Proposal and Financial Options: Once we have your choice and the measurements of your room(s) we will present you with a proposal for the cost of the purchase and installation. You can then review and consider the various financial options we offer.
  4. Order the Flooring: Once you decide whether the flooring option and cost is right for you, then you put things officially into motion by ordering the flooring.
  5. Installation: Once the flooring arrives, we will get right to the installation. You will have your beautiful new floor in no time!

We always work to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied with both our product, and our service–from the initial consultation through the installation and cleanup. Don’t wait to get started on your new dining room floor installation–contact us today!