Practical and Attractive: Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Vermont

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luxury flooring in vermontYou want to update your flooring, but you are feeling torn between something super practical, and something gorgeous that will take your home to a whole new level. You might have a hard time believing, this, but you can have BOTH. You are skeptical, and that is totally understandable. What kind of flooring is both kid and pet proof, provides easy clean-up, and looks fantastic? You can obtain luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont from Floor Coverings International that will provide you with the look that you want, and the practicality of easy clean-up and durability.


Still thinking this sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a quick look at a few of the amazing looks you can choose with luxury vinyl flooring.


Hardwood Floors:

Have you always dreamed of having gorgeous hardwood floors in your home, but just can’t justify the cost, or are worried about upkeep? With our luxury vinyl flooring you can get an warm, hardwood look without the cost and with much higher durability. The options are nearly limitless. Choose from rustic to refined!


Slate Tiles:

Slate tiles can give almost any room an appearance upgrade, but you don’t need slate to get that look! With our luxury vinyl slate tiles you will have a hard time convincing yourself, let alone your guests, that they aren’t actual stone.


Marble Tiles:

When you are trying to achieve an atmosphere of elegance, it is hard to beat marble. With our luxury vinyl even this sophisticated look is attainable!


Exciting Patterns:

Looking for something fun, exciting, or edgy? There is no better place to look than luxury vinyl! The variety of styles and designs is endless–meaning you can find something that exactly fits your needs.
Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont. Our team is ready to help you find the best product for your to suit your taste and your practical requirements. Contact our Vermont branch today!