Update Your Aging Flooring with Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Vermont

HomeUpdate Your Aging Flooring with Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Vermont

luxury vinyl flooring in vermontThat hardwood floor in your hallways? Beautiful and classic, but worn, uneven, and impractical. That white carpet in your bedroom? A magnet for spills, stains, and general grunginess.


And that shag rug in the basement? It probably should have been left behind in the 1970s, where it belongs.


Let’s face it: as your home ages, your flooring needs to be updated to maintain a positive, appealing appearance. If you’re noticing that your flooring looks worse for wear and you want to maintain your home’s tasteful aesthetics and value, it’s probably time to start considering replacement options. Many homeowners who haven’t updated their flooring in decades are likely unaware of the excellent modern flooring options available, such as luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont.


If your only experience with vinyl flooring is with outdated models, you’ll be surprised and impressed by the options available for luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont.


Top Quality Luxury Vinyl Options to Consider


Floor Coverings International specialized in luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont; we offer extensive luxury vinyl flooring options from renowned producers such as Shaw and Armstrong. Here’s what you can expect from our extensive line of luxury vinyl products:


  • Unique Style Offerings
    Beautiful, popular styles offered by Floor Coverings International include traditional wood, specialty wood, distressed wood, stone, and unique patterns.
  • Versatility
    Luxury vinyl designed for every type of room–kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.–are available.
  • Practicality
    Vinyl flooring is spill and stain resistant, easy to clean, and comfortable to walk on.

Most importantly, all of our vinyl flooring options are of top quality, durability, and value. Luxury vinyl flooring in Vermont is a popular, practical option to replace your worn flooring and restore the appearance of your home. To peruse our gallery of luxury vinyl flooring items, learn more about vinyl flooring, or place an order, contact Floor Coverings International today!