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Bring warmth and style to your business with the right carpet flooring.

Carpet Flooring Benefits

Carpet flooring is a popular choice to bring comfort and style to many commercial settings. With almost endless styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect option to fulfill your needs and match your business’ brand and personality.

When you choose carpet flooring, you access the many benefits of carpeting, even beyond its comfort and warmth. Its sound-absorbing fibers and cushioning means quieter rooms, making carpet a popular choice for hallways and larger showrooms. Additionally, carpet flooring is low-maintenance. You can even select carpeting options that protect against stains, ensuring long-lasting beauty in an active environment.

Choose Your Style

There are almost endless options when it comes to the style and color of your carpet. From durable berber and nylon options to rustic sisal and luxurious wool, there is a unique carpeting material to match the needs of any business and budget. From there, you have even more colors and patterns to choose from to make sure it is the perfect fit for your decor and style. Our Design Associates will help you to choose among the best carpet options for your desired style and budget.

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Carpet Fiber Options

The carpet fiber refers to the material of the carpeting itself, which is spun together and then attached to a woven backing. These can be made of either natural or synthetic materials. For example, nylon – the most common carpet fiber – is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Olefin is most often used for indoor/outdoor carpeting because it resists moisture and mildew well. Wool, with its rich feel and natural stain resistance, is a luxury option. Out of all of the synthetic options, though, acrylic gets the closest to the natural benefits of wool.

To select the fiber option best for you, talk with your Design Associate about considerations including location, budget, and the expect traffic in your workspace.

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Carpet Texture & Pile Options

Carpet pile, also known as the “face” or “nap,” refers to the height of the carpet fibers, whereas the texture or type refers to the way those fibers are looped, cut, or twisted. Both of these factors play a significant role in the look and feel of the carpet, as well as its ultimate durability.

Twist, or frieze, carpet is stylish yet durable, giving high-traffic rooms a modern look. Loop carpet (better known as berber), provides the maximum amount of durability and is also great in high activity rooms. Patterned carpet incorporates both cut and looped fibers and can give any space a distinctive look. Textured carpet, with its smooth surfaces, is a traditional and durable look for any room.

Padding Considerations

Carpet padding is the unsung hero of carpet installation. It impacts the immediate feeling of the carpet, providing insulation from cold and noise while adding an extra layer of comfort. But its benefits do not stop there: Padding also goes a long way to increase the overall lifespan of the carpet. Choosing the right padding now can make a positive difference in your budget for the long run.

Different types of carpet require different types of padding. Your Design Associate can help you understand both manufacturer guidelines as well as particular needs you may want to address for your business.

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