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Be inspired by the most popular flooring solutions of our Design Associates.

Luxury Vinyl

In recent years, luxury vinyl has been the fastest-growing flooring trend in the industry. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can get the brilliant look of hardwood or tile with the price and durability your business needs.

Brilliant Bamboo

As more and more businesses focus on going green, bamboo flooring has tremendously grown in popularity. With a unique appearance and impressive durability, this eco-friendly choice works great in high-traffic commercial settings.

A Softer Tile

Carpet tiles have been growing rapidly in popularity, especially in the corporate sector. With easy installation, minimal time lost in the workplace, and greater opportunity for creative freedom, this flooring option delivers in both personality and practicality.

A Natural Touch

As evidence-based design trends continue to grow, many service-oriented businesses are incorporating the use of natural elements to help promote healing. In the flooring world, this translates to an emphasis on materials which offer the appearance of natural wood and stone, as well as natural color schemes.

Play With Patterns

Have fun with patterns when choosing the right tile, or tile-like product, for your business. Remember, larger patterns can make a bold statement in open areas, whereas smaller patterns shine in smaller spaces.